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About the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

The Somali Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI) is responsible for all agricultural and irrigation development programs in Somalia. The main purpose of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation is to improve Somali citizens’ quality of life by providing food security and promoting sustainable development and managing agricultural resources in a sustainable manner. The Ministry seeks to establish a supportive framework for Somalis and other investors to grow the agricultural sector in a way that will improve rural households’ livelihoods, ensure a consistent supply of high-quality, inexpensive food, and protect the environment.

Message from the Minister

It is my honour and pleasure to warmly welcome you the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation for the Federal Republic of Somalia to capitalize the outreach and visibility with regards to the ministries activities.

I would like to give your attention the recognition and prioritization of the importance of Somalias agricultural sector which is considered a major contributor to our economy to the tune of 60% of the country’s GDP and 80% of its employment and 90% of its exports. Somalia has an estimated of 8.1 million Hectares of fertile land suitable for agricultural production both irrigated and rainfed agriculture.


The Ministry intends to create an enabling environment for Somalis and other investors to develop the agricultural sector that will improve the livelihoods of rural households, ensure a reliable supply of quality and affordable food while sustaining the natural environment.


The ministry will develop and implement policies, laws and regulations through a participatory process involving agricultural stakeholders along the value chain.

The Ministry of Agriculture has been established with a precise mandate to expedite the following functions

Development, implementation and coordination of programs in the agricultural sector;

Formulation, implementation and monitoring of agricultural legislations, regulations and policies

Improving the productivity of both irrigated and rain-fed farming systems

Improving marketing of agricultural input and output and promoting value addition

Strengthening the administrative and technical capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

Supporting agricultural research and extension services, and promoting technology delivery

Regulation and quality control of inputs, produce and products in the agricultural sector

Management and control of transboundary pests, diseases and invasive species

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