Department of Irrigation and Early Warning

The Director, Land, Irrigation and Early Warning is responsible for the overall technical, administrative and financial management of the Department. The incumbent is a career senior civil servant appointed through a competitive process and is responsible for providing leadership and vision for achieving goals of the Ministry. He will be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the Director General.

Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Ahmed

Director department Of Land, Irrigation and Early Warning


  • The Land, Irrigation and Early Warning Department has the mandate and responsibility for management, development, coordination of the Land, Irrigation and Agricultural Meteorology and Early warning Sector in Somalia.
  • Formulate and review national irrigation policy and strategy in collaboration with the Federal Member states and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Preparation of Irrigation Policies, Laws and Master plan for development of the different river basin for the optimum utilization of Irrigation, land and water resources management.
  • Policy and legal framework formulation and implementation to support the sustainable use of agricultural land.
  • Develop the optimal land use management strategies for better farming in order to achieve sustainable land use;
  • Select the best land use techniques based on soil types, land availability, and other physical and social data,
  • Support and help tackle climate change and the sustainable management of agricultural land resources;
  • Support enhanced use of weather and climate data, weather forecasts, and climate predictions for early warning services,
  • Provide technical advice on communication of weather, climate early warning information
  • Administration of Agricultural Water Management and allocation Planning, design, and supervision of construction of irrigation works Management and monitoring of diversions, and use rights to surface and river waters.
  • Delivery management of irrigation water (including planning. design, construction, operation, and maintenance) for projects, estates, private groups and others.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of water resources for irrigation and Initiation of an on-farm water control service.
  • Extending irrigation areas through better management of water and the development of additional supplies.
  • Providing technical and administrative support and any necessary backstopping for effective management of both the project and the entire irrigation sector.
  • Preparation of Irrigation Master Plan for development of the Dawa, Shebelle and Juba Rivers Basins for the optimum utilization of land and water resources giving priority to the environmental factors.
  • Prepare short, medium and long term plans for rehabilitation and development of meteorology abilities for Early warning systems throughout the country.
  • Ensuring adequate provision of Irrigation, land and water in sustainable agriculture development and coordinating with Irrigation agencies/partners at National and International level.
  • Promote balanced approach to the use of agricultural land,
  • Ensuring agricultural productivity in the short-and-long-term through irrigation management and meteorological system practices.
  • Provides assistance to regional states in developing policies, programmes, best practices and tools in the fields of irrigation and drainage, soil conservation, drought mitigation, land tenure, water allocation and improvement of land management.
  • Promote Integrated land and water management to preserve and enhance productive capacity of cropland land in different topographical zones.
  • Checking land issues in agriculture such as misplaced or lost earlier records/documents  and providing the necessary assistance.
  • Verification and registration of Agricultural Certificate documents.
  • Promote River basin management and flood control
  • Promote and work closely with local communities to ensure productive and efficient use of Irrigation , land and water resources in order to meet present and future agriculture demands while ensuring the conservation of the environmental resources.
  • Promote modern irrigation technology and the use of agro-meteorological data in to crop water requirement
  • To coordinate the management of staff performance and contracts in the department in liaison with NCSC’s performance management and appraisal department.
  • To hold regular meetings with the heads of sections to discuss financial, human development, procurement and operational issues.
  • Preparation and implementation of harmonized annual work plans in collaboration with heads of sections.
  • Coordinating the preparation of monthly,  quarterly and annual progress reports

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