Message from the Minister

It gives me great pleasure as I take up duties as the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Federal Government of Somalia to steer the country’s agricultural sector, transform food systems, ensure food security and to contribute national prosperity.

Transforming agriculture  in Somalia is a mammoth task that requires dedication, skills and resources. I am confident that we have what it takes to secure much of that. The potential for agricultural growth in Somalia is immense, however that potential is not fully utilised due to numerous challenges. Climate shocks, displacement, conflict and insecurity are major constrains impeding production in the country.  Difficulties faced by crop-producing households include inadequate water for irrigation, outbreak of plant pests and diseases, lack of insecticides, low seed quality, crop loss or severe damage and lack of farm inputs including seeds, fertilizer, lack of grain storage facilities and equipment. There is also a complex links between conflict, disasters, food insecurity and displacement in Somalia.

Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation is the federal lead agency mandated to seek solutions to these challenges faced by Somali farmers. Introduction of innovative and appropriate new technologies approaches and climate-smart agronomical practices to increase production need immediate actions.

As the Minister of Agriculture& Irrigation, my vision is to embark on an energetic and ambitious tenure to guide and re-structure the ministry, build capacity and offer tangible support to farmers. I am pleased to announce that the ministry is currently undergoing structural, collaborative, strategic and financial reform that will act as catalyst to transform and modernise agriculture in Somalia.

During my tenure, I will particularly focus on key priorities that we have set for the ministry to enable us to achieve national development goals. In order to unlock Somalia’s agricultural potential, the ministry is about to embark large and ambitious projects to increase agricultural output in the country. Serious efforts are now underway to rehabilitate irrigation infrastructure, reactivate agricultural research stations throughout the country, introduce new climate smart technologies, transform food systems, increase the availability of improved seeds/varieties and to enhance farmers’ access to local and international markets/finance.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation along with Federal Member State ministries together with our developmental partners, envision a new era of cooperation & collaboration for agricultural development. Our target focus is to improve quality of life and the capacity of farmers to produce beyond their household needs to bring about a sustainable economic development and social progress through the creation of jobs and income. Another key area of focus will be strategic setting, policy formulation, regulations/legislations and to improve government service delivery.

Finally, I would like to assure to all stakeholders in the agricultural sector from farmers, traders and consumers that we are committed to offer our utmost service to end hunger & malnutrition and feed the nation amidst numerous natural and man-made challenges.

Hon. Minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir (Maareeye)

Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation, FGS