The Ministry intends to create an enabling environment for Somalis and other investors to develop the agricultural sector that will improve the livelihoods
of rural households, ensure a reliable supply of quality and affordable food
while sustaining the natural environment.

The Vision
is “A Smart and Value-Centred Ministry of Agriculture”. The vision will
revitalise MoA’s role of promoting and facilitating a conducive environment for
agricultural development.

The Ministry will encourage the adoption of smart and innovative ways to improve
production and productivity in the Agriculture Sector.



The ministry will develop and implement policies, laws and regulations through a participatory process
involving agricultural stakeholders along the value chain.

To realise the vision and achieve
strategic results, MoA commits itself to the following Mission Statement: “To
facilitate the development of a sustainable and diversified agricultural sector
for enhanced income generation, and food and nutrition security”.

The Mission will be realised by enhancing the
sector’s competitiveness through cost effective strategies and efficiency improvements, promotion of agricultural and dietary diversification, improving
infrastructure and strengthening the regulatory frameworks