The Director General Office

The Director General is the chief executive officer, the most senior civil servant, and the accounting officer of a government ministry. Moreover, he is recognized as the Permanent Secretary or the head of an employing authority under the Government of Somalia’s Civil Service Act. He reports directly to the Minister and is in charge of running the Ministry on a daily basis, making sure that responsibilities align with the Minister’s priorities and the policies of the Federal Government. He requires to build a culture that is based on professionalism, respect and integrity to enhance a free conducive environment.

The Director General is responsible for achieving the Ministry’s vision, goals, and objectives, including promoting sustainable and competitive agricultural market both domestic and international, establishing effective strategy and legislative framework to provide national food security and nutrition. He ensures daily operations and resources are directed towards achieving these objectives. He also supervises and coordinates operations of all departments of the Ministry to ensure operational efficiency at a maximum productivity with minimum effort.

The Director General liaises between the Federal Ministry, State Ministry and partners of the Ministry to build and maintain a positive working relationship. The Director General is responsible for overseeing the Ministry’s planning, budgeting, and allocation processes.  He signifies financial disbursements to attest that the Ministry meets it goals and objectives and that its activities are fully provided for within the annual budget.

Duties and Functions of the Director General

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Director General includes

  • Supervises the Ministerial Departments in which the Minister, State Minister and Deputy Minister are politically responsible
  • Keeps the Minister, State Minister and Deputy Minister informed of the progress made in translating policy decision into actions;
  • Advices the Minister, State Minister and Deputy Minister on all questions of policy which are within the scope of the Ministry’s responsibility;
  • Establishes and implements government policies, strategies and programs related to administration, good governance, and its implementation.
  • Monitors and executes the Ministry budget and that of the institutions under supervision of the Minister, State Minister/Deputy Minister.
  • Ensures that decisions on these policies are transmitted to proper institutions for execution;
  • Promotion of the staff [rank] and academic promotion level i.e Phd, masters, short courses, seminars/workshops, etc.
  • Implements the Government’s policies, programs and priorities;
  • Drives effective, efficient and appropriate use of public resources;
  • Creates collaborations and build quality partnerships;
  • Executes any other duties assigned by the top management.
  • He is in charge of the Ministry’s resources/assets, as he signifies financial disbursement of the Ministry.

Prof. Mohamoud Mohamed Mohamoud

The Director General Office​