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The Director, Public Relation and Communication is the functional Head of the Department. He is responsible for the overall technical, administrative and financial management of the Department. The incumbent is a career senior civil servant appointed through a competitive process and he is responsible for providing leadership and vision for achieving goals of the Ministry. He will be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the Director General

 Department Objectives

  •   Making transparent the works and activities of the MoAI both to the public as well as local and international institutions
  •   Collecting, processing and publishing information on works and activities of the ministry
  •   Preparing materials and brochures for publication and distribution to inform the public on the activity of the MoAI.
  •   Supervising and maintaining official webpage of the MoAI.
  •   Participating in direct meetings of the Minister and high delegations within and outside the country in order to provide accurate information to the public;
  •   Drafting the communication strategy annually based on the ministry work plan
  •   Cooperating with the media in organizing press conferences and interviews as well as providing information and drafts summaries out of media presentation
  •   Issuing regular, monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  •   Issuing statements, announcements, reports and other publications to public opinion.
  •   Communication with international partners and development agencies
  •   Providing information and documents to the public and media on MoAI activities
  •   Enable the farmers’ community share best practices and lessons learned on agriculture sector
  •   Raising Awareness on agriculture critical issues including encouraging utilization of local food in the country and promoting sustainable agriculture
  •   Raising awareness for the Ministry’s responsibilities and activities through campaigns and collateral
  •   Monitoring media coverage, present to officials and draft replies when needed
  •   Processing public enquiries and complaints, referring them to the relevant departments.
  •   Organizing cultural, social and sports activities for Ministry employees or and supervising events organized or in participation of the Ministry
  •   Organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions, preparing the needed budgets in collaboration with relevant departments